Can Our Pets Teach Us Something About Marriage?

Pet owners operate on the misconception that their animals are undemanding creatures that always love them no matter what they do. They think this because they love their pets. In reality, though, pets are extremely demanding of time, attention, and regular mealtimes. You not only have to care for them, but you also have to deal with their antics such as messing up the carpet and stealing food off the counter. No matter, however. Even with these bad traits, you’ll still show them a lot of love. It’s too bad that many of us treat our pets better than our spouses.

When you come home of a long day at work, your pet will probably meet you at the door, all excited to see you. No matter how badly your day went, you’ll show your pet some affection before you go off to relax. If he decides to sit on your lap, you’ll be happy to let him stay. Do you greet your spouse the same way that you do your pet? Did your spouse ignore your home-coming? Isn’t it too bad that your marriage doesn’t require the efforts your pet does?

There will probably be plenty of times that your pet does something to upset you. However, you never carry a grudge, and even if you cuss at him, your pet doesn’t know what you’re saying. In fact, a minute later the two of you will probably be great friends again. Yet if it were your spouse who did something to make you so angry, you’d possibly become verbally abusive, storm out of the house, sleep in a different bedroom, and generally be unresponsive even to apologetic overtures. One can easily see why so many marriages end in divorce, we don’t treat our partners as well as we do our pets.

It’s best that you give your marriage the same attention that you do your relationship with your pet. Accept the fact that your spouse is going to do something to annoy you every so often, just like your pet does, and try not to issue the abusive words that are going to put a deeper chasm between the two of you. Words, once spoken, can be forgiven but seldom forgotten. You should work on treating your spouse the same way that you treat your pet.No.Skdgske4gk-ds

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