CAFCASS has been hijacked – by the adoption industry

Petition against CAFCASS – CORAM Hi there is a petition regaarding the conflict of interest between Coram and Cafcass please sign it. OFSTED consultation on CAFCASS Why would you put a shark in the swimming pool? Why has CAFCASS put an adoption agency at the heart of selecting children for adoption? Mothers For Justice – THE HIDDEN ADOPTION CARTEL JUSTICE FOR FAMILIES Honours for this video (6) #42 – Most Discussed (Today) – Non-profits & Activism #41 – Most Viewed (Today) – Non-profits & Activism #28 – Top Favourites (Today) – Non-profits & Activism #68 – Top Favourites (This Week) – Non-profits & Activism #19 – Top Rated (Today) – Non-profits & Activism #62 – Top Rated (This Week) – Non-profits & Activism

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25 Responses to “CAFCASS has been hijacked – by the adoption industry”

  1. UKSecretCourts Says:


    Interested in how to raise a Freedom of Information Request?.
    **make them Squirm**
    Use the law against CAFCASS

  2. maqam4000 Says:

    The head of caffcass is not the head of BAAF he was the vice chairman, but he had set up links to coram an adoption agency. What beggars beleif this guys has won an obe for services to adoption.

  3. UKSecretCourts Says:

    Exactly, and how can he be captain of both sides, ADOPTION and CAFCASS.

    Did you see the wonderful comments that BAAF came out with about those opposed to gay adoption, I quote, those who are against it are:

    RETARDED Homophobes…

    Yes, Retarded is the word used by BAAF.

    BAAF showing their true colours.

    Such nice polite people.

  4. maqam4000 Says:

    Yeah i know its an agenda going on the head of caffcass also said in times 2005 that kids should be able to choose which parent they want to live with at the age of 7. We all know they will choose mum, as they stay there all the time, its madness. I was told by my lawyers solisctor secretary that the system is not baised and i asked her about the problem with the head of caffcass and his links to adoption agencies she said i was jumping the gun. can you belive this

  5. UKSecretCourts Says:

    Fancy asking the question, in a format that has to be answered? CAFCASS can’t say no to you, via a FOI?

    Ask over the past 3 years:
    1. how many children asked to live with a parent, say dad.
    2. How many times the children were allowed to live with that selected parent.
    3. How many were put into care.
    4. How many were adopted
    5. How many were not allowed to live with the parent that the child chose?

    See my video – it would take you 2 minutes to ask the question.

  6. maqam4000 Says:

    have you heard of peter thatchell and his view on sex with children, he says its ok, for a 18 or a 25 year old to have sex with a 13 or a 14 year old boy and he says kids at 8 are sexualised and girls at 10 are women, this guy is sick

  7. UKSecretCourts Says:

    Google for the old Paedophile Information network (PIE).

    They ran a survey of what age children they preferred, and it was 8 year old girls.

    Which presupposes they’d tried younger to know that they preferred 8 year olds.

    Who was the lawyer who represented them before she became an MP?

    A. Harriet Harman.

    Go google PIE, and you’ll find it.

  8. maqam4000 Says:

    This comment says it all in thatchell. article

    “Since children can be held responsible for criminal behaviour from the age of ten, it’s surely illogical for the legal system to say that people below 16 are unable to consent to sex.”

    I mean how can a kid at 10 decide to have sex, he or she is too young they are children, prepubescent, this guy is advocating sex should be allow so long there is a 3 year difference, but else where he says it ok to have sex between a 13 yr girl & 18 woman

  9. maqam4000 Says:

    Thatchell tries very hard not to say he is for having sex with kids but the tone of the article is disturinbing, here he says there should be a 3 year age limit between the consenting children. . eg so it ok for a 10 yr old to have sex with a 13 yr old, according to thatchell yes, , but the point is made more clearear in the next post.

  10. maqam4000 Says:

    “Donna Allen was imprisoned for two years. At the age of 18, she’d had sex with her 13 year old her girlfriend. It was accepted in court that the young girl was a willing party to the sexual activities, which occurred in the context of a year-long relationship.

  11. maqam4000 Says:

    yeah i did and i looked at one of the founders articles on the legalisation of sex between kids and adults and they are the same as thatchells. sick really

  12. CPSSucks Says:

    here’s some links that might be of interest:




  13. UKSecretCourts Says:

    Struggling CAFCASS teams in Yorkshire and Humberside (OFSTED Report)

  14. 3rk4u Says:

    coram is also a family law lawyers in london,r they all connected?????????.

  15. UKSecretCourts Says:

    Coram are about as well connected and evil as it’s possible to imagine

    They got caught out by the charities commission for lending out pictures worth millions to reduce their balance books.
    Dodgy, fraud, fiancial irregulaties.

    Look at concurrent planning. Place a baby with it’s “adoptive” parents to bond with them BEFORE the courts have ordered the adoption.
    Utterly sick.

    AND their board of directors reads as a who’s who of Family court JUDGES. Corruption at it’s best!!

  16. karuspery Says:

    Should be shot

  17. karuspery Says:

    The story just gets more and more sick.
    And these people run the country! No wonder the UK is so messed up.

  18. karuspery Says:

    Well,the Law doesn’t protect our children and the Government is run by sickos then what do we do? Rebellion? We should start becoming more active and hold these people accountable.Hold protests.These Judges are something else too. Learned people my arse.

  19. UKSecretCourts Says:

    John Hemming has just asked Jack Straw’s ministry of injustice why they are planning on repealing the Clayton v Clayton.

    There isn’t a single bone of justice in Jack Straws body.

    A lynch mob is needed for this ingenious Police State Labour Government.
    I’ve never seen tyranny as in 13 years of their rule!

  20. maqam4000 Says:

    your welcome to try

  21. maqam4000 Says:

    well an ex fbi agent said alot of children are talken from familes by social workers etc for satanist abuse

  22. karuspery Says:

    Easy with a Barret 50

  23. maqam4000 Says:

    like i said your welcome to try

  24. UKSecretCourts Says:

    This is true. Many social workers beleive in witchcraft.

    It was rife in the 1980’s. The SS learnt that such views were unacceptable.

    But the GSCC did not deregister or fire those who believe in witchcraft.

    So they are still practicising.

  25. onlylexus Says:

    organise with me, im doing something, will you dads help me, if so contact me pauldmanningat blue yonder. co . uk no spaces, you can work that out surely! Come on Dads lets get some justice. Im trying to start a fathers group here in Yorkshire area, help me! paul