Billy Connolly DIVORCE

A very funny comedic version by Billy Connolly of Tammy Winette’s song DIVORCE

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16 Responses to “Billy Connolly DIVORCE”

  1. casioprivia Says:

    This is seriously funny rotlmfao

  2. mozzlover1 Says:

    hilarious. just genius =D
    my hero lol

  3. mozzlover1 Says:

    absolute legend.

  4. gorgousbry Says:


  5. Bluadme Says:

    WIKED hes a ledgond

  6. Bluadme Says:

    your right

  7. St4rdog Says:

    I think the bleeped part’s supposed to be “an F’ing C”. Anyone got the unbleeped version?

  8. brandonaitken Says:

    lol now i cant decide wots the better song from him this or the masturbation song

  9. alexhov123 Says:

    this song is F .U. N. N. Y!!!! im gunna try nd make a video to go with this!
    coming soon to youtube and facebook!!

  10. CinnAlla Says:

    Haw! See YOU by the way, big man! That’s “hauled”, no’ “holed”.

    (BC is so funny)

  11. twinkie57401 Says:

    It’s so funny he’s giggling while he’s singing it! CinnAlla might be right, “hauled”. I think he went downtown to get a new “B-R-I-D-E”, but it’s hard to tell with the Scottish accent, which makes it even more hilarious.

  12. MayLAfeline2121 Says:

    How come we can’t have modern day performers like this? Comedians today have no clue what-so-ever of how to entertain an audience like that of Billy. There will never be another man like him.

  13. Caitlinere2k7 Says:

    This is one of his best songs – so funny. It is ‘B I R D’ not ‘B R I D E’…as we poor Scottish lassies are often referred to as birds!!

  14. jjoorrddaann2468 Says:

    @twinkie57401 b-i-r-d

  15. musicfamily Says:

    So good.

  16. hamiltonrrw Says: