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Many times a question pops up in buyer’s or seller’s mind that why it is necessary to hire a property solicitor. They often wonder why they can’t manage conveyancing themselves. When I think of answer for this question I remember a commercial run by a company suggesting one should leave it on experts! When it comes to law there is nothing collateral hence it is always advised to consult and expert of law to avoid any legal complications that may keep troubling you for a longer period of time and can also possibly cause huge financial loss. With reference to above rationale it is strongly recommended to hire a uk solicitor for property to furnish you with all legal help required throughout buying or selling process of a property.

A property solicitor is instrumental in following processes where an individual cannot be as effective and as concrete as a qualified and experience professional. Below are some processes where property solicitor helps a buyer. A property solicitor undertakes pre-contract searches on behalf of you. Pre-contract search is a technical search in nature, local land registry and authority, as well as other statutory bodies are integral to this search process. Objective of this search is to identify the boundaries of the property as well as to find out any rights to that property that can affect it, they may beneficial or harmful.

Another important task that a mortgage solicitor does for you is making pre-contract enquiries. A property solicitor frames a comprehensive list of enquiries for the seller’s solicitor to answer. This is to ensure that all the necessary information that you should know is known to you including information on any necessary disclosures made by the seller. This will help you to gather specific details of the contract. One of the most important task house solicitor performs is drafting a sales contract in a way that it benefits you at maximum. He takes care and ensures that every aspect of the sale is covered and also makes necessary amendments considering pre-contract search and inquiries.

Your property solicitor keep guiding you as the process moves on and you exchange contracts with payment of deposits and finally pay full price of the property to the seller. Property solicitor is again instrumental in yet another legal formality to prevent you from any complication or confusion in future. He partakes in the transfer of purchase deeds, registers your title at local land registry and also takes care of the payment of stamp duty land tax.

In my opinion this entire process may seem well structured and straight forward to a solicitor, an individual may not be able to fulfill all the requirements at ease. I would surely suggest to let the expert do his work.

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