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When you are hunting for a Bergen County divorce lawyer, you need to locate a professional group that offers unrivaled integrity. Each situation is different, and this may be a remarkably difficult time for those involved. Thus, working with a reputable expert in your corner can grant the assurance you will need.

There are several scenarios that folks might file for divorce within the state of NJ. Some of these matters involve adultery, emotional abuse or bodily cruelty, abnormal sexual behavior, being locked up for at least eighteen months, alcohol or drug addiction problems, incurable insanity which leads to confinement, and also willfully parting ways for up to 1 year.

In the event the divorce petition filed by one person is unchallenged by the other, a Bergen County divorce lawyer may not be necessary. Yet, both sides will have to clearly agree on factors including childcare, sharing of investments, and so on. One area which can often become very gray is property distribution.

Hence, in divorce cases that are contested, the services of a good attorney are essential to obtain a positive outcome. This is specifically important for situations that regard custody, as adequate arguments will need to be made in order to ensure that decision are managed fairly.

To illustrate, each individual will have to evaluate the amount to be paid out for child support. Many times this might be agreed upon between each party, however you’ll find scenarios where specific guidelines will need to be enforced, and a Bergen County divorce lawyer will help.

Judgments will be based upon the best interests of the child or children, and sometimes this can be dismissed if both partners have decent, consistent work. Additionally, an attorney at law needs to be appointed if you would like to attain guardianship of a child.

A few instances where this will likely occur involve adultery, or if an individual is not fit to look after kids. A strong case will have to be made in order for your request to be authorized by the legal courts.

Finally, in a situation when a spouse can not be located for the court proceedings, it is possible to file for divorce. It needs to be verified that diligent attempts were made to find the other individual, like running a short classifieds ad. Your Bergen County divorce lawyer will be able to help take you step-by-step through the process.

Thus, to start now and schedule your free consultation, visit us immediately using the website link underneath. We will do everything required to help defend your rights!

Bergen County Divorce Lawyer

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