Australian Constitution [video 1/4]

The Constitution of Australia is the supreme law under which the Australian Commonwealth Government operates. It consists of several documents. The most important is the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Constitution was approved in referendums held over 18981900 by the people of the Australian colonies, and the approved draft was enacted as a section of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp), an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The Commission of Assent was signed by Queen Victoria on 9 July 1900, upon which the Constitution became law. The Constitution came into force on 1 January 1901. Even though the Constitution was originally given legal force by an Act of the United Kingdom parliament, the Australia Acts removed the power of the United Kingdom parliament to change the Constitution, and only the Australian people can amend it (by referendum). Other pieces of legislation have constitutional significance for Australia. These are the Statute of Westminster, as adopted by the Commonwealth in the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942, and the Australia Act 1986, which was passed in equivalent forms by the Parliaments of every Australian state, the United Kingdom, and the Australian Federal Parliament. Together, these Acts had the effect of severing all constitutional links between Australia and the United Kingdom. Even though the same person, Queen Elizabeth II, is the monarch of both countries, she acts in a distinct

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24 Responses to “Australian Constitution [video 1/4]”

  1. WeLoveAlexJones Says:

    A must see video!

  2. 1GOD1JESUS Says:

    possibly the most boring video on youtube

  3. giveusallabreakman Says:

    Wow how can you say that ? Its what makes us Even if you see the Religion in it, We should try and keep theses Laws for our future.

  4. giveusallabreakman Says:

    Great Vid ..

  5. PaspaleyPearls Says:

    Why don’t you just shut out God and and learn your heritage open your mind .?

  6. AustralianinfoWars Says:

    If this is the future of film-making, then bring it on, I say.

  7. 1GOD1JESUS Says:

    you are kidding, right?

  8. MCDouga11 Says:

    36 mins… this better be good..

  9. chotaboy66 Says:

    Common law was built on the bible principals yes and the constitution of australia is not a religion its our LAW based on basic bible principles that protects your human rights freedoms and liberties you obtained when you were born, so its not to be taken lightly if you value your freedom. Our common law is not maritime admiralty law which the government illegally uses on us by fraudulent means every day of our life.

  10. MightyMegaPhone Says:

    hahaha Hope you liked it friend?

  11. TheAngryFishermen Says:

    Man thats is really interesting thanks old mate

  12. TheAngryFishermen Says:

    Whats Maritime Law? old mate?

  13. TheBrothersLeyland Says:

    Politicians are bloody evil .

  14. fuckiesucky Says:

    Holy Crap thanks !!

  15. chotaboy66 Says:

    Maritime admiralty law is really uniform commercial code the law of the sea and the ocean where as common law is our law the law of the land, two different codes of law.
    When you walk into a magistrates court your actually walking onto a ship basically , once you walk in you have basically relinquished your rights as a living human “common law” to maritime law and you then are treated as a coprs/dead corporation non human so this law can be used on you.
    See my playlist money law.

  16. MightyMegaPhone Says:

    And thats why we need a new Political party in Australia thats built on Our Constitution.

  17. chotaboy66 Says:

    Were screwed because there are none as yet im afraid ,politicians are selling us out. It doesn’t matter who one votes for liberal labor as both sides work for the privately federal reserve bank that calls the shots ,this is commonly called the false left right paradigm.
    Politicians are just puppets that spread well thought out propaganda full of mix truths to out right lies to keep us divided really.People have to conclude our media is probably the most censored in the whole western world

  18. TheHardyakkaShow Says:

    I have saved this video thank you.

  19. Prisionplanet Says:

    That’s so true well said.

  20. TruthCracker Says:

    HEll yeah I will where is it?

  21. chilbury Says:

    Every Australian should watch this video.

  22. YGZ Says:


    Based on our Constitution? I think you don’t really understand, the Australian Constitution does not have extensive express rights like the US Constitution.

    Common law is not ‘our law, the law of the land’ Common law came from the UK, we inherited it. Legislation overrides common law, also the common law in Australia changes whenever an Aussie judge sets a new precedent.

  23. ASPAustralia Says:

    vote for Us!!!

  24. Fire4FX Says:

    2:37 yeh right have you seen how they treat people these days. It’s a basic human right to a fair trial but not for all! Take a look at the rich & famous.