Australian Constitution for Dummies 4/4

DOWNLOAD DVD Format 422 MB.Zip. Fast Direct. Visit the Crowhouse get it Direct. ——————————————————————- Larry Hannigan The Voice of The Australian Constitution Its not hard learn your rights guys and once you know them you will know you have the power not a criminal dictatorship. Read it ,love it ,breath it, and if any politician criminal plots to change it or tries remove it via illegal treaties without referendum its your duty as an AUSTRALIAN human being to expose them as criminals. Treaty agreements Quote: Although the Constitution does not confer on the Parliament any formal role in treaty making, all treaties (except those the Government decided are urgent or sensitive). BEWARE If politicians can stir enough fear via media propaganda wether its true or not they can play the urgent or sensitive card and pass laws via treaty that can be unjust and violate our constitution by deception which may result in restricting or removing our rights, civil liberty’s and freedoms. EG: Global Warming/Terrorism A LESSON IN LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION. Before 1901 Australia did not exist as a nation. It was a collection of six British colonies which were partly self-governing, but under the law-making power of the British Parliament. 1901 Queen Victoria signed the ” Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act ” containing section

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19 Responses to “Australian Constitution for Dummies 4/4”

  1. aodscarecrow Says:


    thanks for posting

  2. TrancePants78 Says:

    Wonderfull!! I’ll be spreading this around 🙂

  3. secretkeyactivator Says:


  4. WeAreChangeMelbourne Says:

    Just brilliant!

  5. WeLoveAlexJones Says:

    Love it just what we need brother thats our get out of jail card .

  6. WeAreChangeMelbourne Says:

    I’ve used the Constitution Act to get myself out of sticky situations with the “authorities” a few times now…

    Knowledge is power!

  7. gwald Says:

    great work!!
    one thing.. i saw the 9/11 lie photo.
    I really don’t want to debate 9/11 but my point is it has nothing to do with the core of the message 🙂

  8. chotaboy66 Says:

    Maybe I cn enlighten you /watch?v=b74naeawdCs
    Although the Constitution does not confer on the Parliament any formal role in treaty making, all treaties (except those the Government decided are urgent or sensitive).
    If politicians can stir enough fear via propaganda true or not they can play the urgent or sensitive card & pass laws via treaty that can violate our constitution by deception resulting in restricting ,removing rights, civil liberty’s freedoms.
    EG: Global Warming/Terrorism

  9. kobasica Says:

    You make it sounds as though the Australian Constitution is a perfect document, when in it is far from it
    section 51 of the constitution, the commonwealth has the power to make laws on (xx.) Foreign corporations, and trading or financial corporations formed within the limits of the Commonwealth
    In other words, once you are “enjoined” with the corporate government structure, not only does the constitution not apply, Admiralty Law doesn’t apply either. This section gives the government TOTAL power

  10. chotaboy66 Says:

    Correct me if im wrong the High Court of Australia on the validity of certain pivotal sections
    of the Corporations Act 1989 , delivered on 8 Feb 1990, settled at least for the foreseeable future that the corporations power in s 51 (xx) of the Commonwealth Constitution includes no power of incorporation. ” Incorporation is the forming of a new corporation” which still makes sec 51 (xx) subject to the Constitution from what I can gather.

  11. chotaboy66 Says:

    I admit the Constitution is quite old and it dose need updating via referendum but unfortunately I cant see a referendum being called unless the intention has adverse effects to human liberty ,with honest politicians working for the people we might have a chance to have a change to make things more transparent without loosing more rights.

  12. venuecam Says:

    @WeLoveAlexJones Only for frivolous so called “offences” that have no injured party. Nothing will save you from jail if you deliberately commit acts of harm against another fellow man.

  13. Stephen19852009 Says:

    is the CD for free??

  14. chotaboy66 Says:

    @Stephen19852009 You can go to Larry hannigans web page to purchase the audio CD , or you can download this DVD for free ,see more info under the video but you must be a little computer savy on how to unzip a files and burn DVD files. PM me if you have any problems

  15. petrus4 Says:

    I don’t like appeals to patriotism, I admit. It inevitably involves bringing up the military. War is an outgrowth of the international criminal economic system; soldiers who die in past conflicts are held up for the specific purpose of encouraging people to fight new wars. It’s also been said that adoration of the military is a key hallmark of fascism.

    So I can do without a hail to the troops.

  16. Elliekelly100 Says:

    God helps those who help themselves. The book “Aussies wanna KISS” is the tool to take back and enforce our Constitional rights through transparent and accountable government, for the people by the people not for the party by the party.

  17. AustralianPyro Says:

    i absolutely love this series and believe more people should become informed about it, this stuff is critically important

    however, I must engage in some direly needed constructive criticizm.
    For this valuable material and its ideas to successfully permeate society to a useful level, Any further information created in this style needs to have the religious theme toned down, or even removed.
    I understand that some may take offence in this, but Australia is a secular nation.
    This needs to be also.

  18. chotaboy66 Says:

    @AustralianPyro Thankyou for your comment , Considering this is coming from a Christian perspective, yes point taken ,one also has to take into consideration of law and its history of origins as religious references play some part within these areas to give a complete also has to remember religions & there corporations play a BIG part in the shadows, religions not ones own inner faith has been hijacked to divide the masses ,this may cause confusion in a Secular Society today .

  19. rexiedexie1 Says:

    The Australian people should appoint High Court Judges and all judges. See more at Australian Contacts Ning Community News