Australian Constitution for Dummies 2/4

DOWNLOAD DVD Format 422 MB.Zip. Fast Direct. Visit the Crowhouse get it Direct. ——————————————————————- Larry Hannigan The Voice of The Australian Constitution Its not hard learn your rights guys and once you know them you will know you have the power not a criminal dictatorship. Read it ,love it ,breath it, and if any politician criminal plots to change it or tries remove it via illegal treaties without referendum its your duty as an AUSTRALIAN human being to expose them as criminals. Treaty agreements Quote: Although the Constitution does not confer on the Parliament any formal role in treaty making, all treaties (except those the Government decided are urgent or sensitive). BEWARE If politicians can stir enough fear via media propaganda wether its true or not they can play the urgent or sensitive card and pass laws via treaty that can be unjust and violate our constitution by deception which may result in restricting or removing our rights, civil liberty’s and freedoms. EG: Global Warming/Terrorism A LESSON IN LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION. Before 1901 Australia did not exist as a nation. It was a collection of six British colonies which were partly self-governing, but under the law-making power of the British Parliament. 1901 Queen Victoria signed the ” Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act ” containing section

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25 Responses to “Australian Constitution for Dummies 2/4”

  1. chotaboy66 Says:

    @Stephen19852009 I have tried to explain the money system to quite well of individuals but they still cant get there head round how money/credit is created today & is only an illusion of wealth, greed for the pretty colors in there wallet has been imprinted in there heads from birth, I’m glad you understand the big picture.Don’t they look stupid when they pull the money out of there pocket & say look its real ,I always smile think you ignorant fool to myself.One has to laugh at there delusions.

  2. donnaleon100 Says:

    We got the biggest pedafile racket in the world right inside govt our child safety i found porn sites they delete em and move em i have signed documnts from courts saying they like to control weather i just dont see how abusing kids can open doors for them. They attract more pedafiles cause aust laws protect em only cause of their own constitution called research just like the Japanese do to whales aust do to kids same howard changed the laws with UN nd aust cant be touched by laws …..

  3. lacanau Says:

    swear on the bible? what if i am hindu? or atheist?

  4. chotaboy66 Says:

    @lacanau Swear on the bible ,,,if asked!!
    I might add all western law has originated from the king James Bible and the 10 commandments.

  5. lacanau Says:

    @chotaboy66 King James bible!?

    o dear. I didnt know our world was so screwed up like this. I wonder who the guy was that said this was the religious text that reigned supreme over all others.

  6. chotaboy66 Says:

    @lacanau The preamble says WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia,Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, The constitution is based on bible principals nothing more with the blessing of god .This terminology insures your birth rights under common law thats all .Go back and listen again if you swear on the bible , not another document , In other words if you swear on the bible “only’ you & the court recognize the bible laws are supreme.

  7. chotaboy66 Says:

    @lacanau I also would like to add Common law the law of the land and our Constitution is mostly ignored in the courts and by politicions today .Our courts have been hijacked illegally by maritime law, law of the sea.

    The constitution is about our rights under common law, the bible part is basically a history lesson , Educate yourself read our constitution you will see what I mean.It doesn’t read as religious text ,its an Act of LAW to enforce our liberty’s & rights thats been ignored mostly.

  8. petrus4 Says:

    @lacanau Why do you think atheism has been so encouraged in the last few decades, in particular? Who do you think has been behind that?

    Go and read about Alexander Pike, one of the leaders of Freemasonry, who makes explicit mention of using atheism to undermine individual sovereignty. Atheism is EVIL, and that is by design. “Free thought,” is anything but.

  9. petrus4 Says:

    The most horrifying and depressing thing, with videos like this, is always the comments section. The army of scoffing, trolling, pseudo-rationalist atheists who think they are so urbane and sophisticated in advocating global fascism, and attempting to shout down anyone who resists that.

    You did not come up with your ideas yourselves, atheistic trolls. Do not deceive yourselves to the contrary.

  10. chotaboy66 Says:

    @petrus4 You see what I do ,,great comment thank you for your support, it is most unfortunate here in Australia as eternal vigilance seems to be a thing of the past now.

  11. AustralianPyro Says:

    In response to your comment
    1) completely support the message of this video series, Am A monarchist and for the most part, would count myself on the same idealogical side as the doco

    2) Am an Atheist. and find your comment insulting and unnecessarily derogatory.
    I mean, come on, you didnt even say “trolling, pseudo-rationalist LIBERALS”
    you just targeted Atheists, of all people!

  12. thegamblergambler Says:

    Not looking for trouble, only rational debate. I’ll throw a spanner in the works here:

    the aboriginals, indigenous people of that land????

    Any takers?

    (btw you have some good interesting vids)

  13. thegamblergambler Says:

    Have you got any thoughts on this Chotaboy66?

    It is something Australia does not want to face. Why? I am very intrigued by this I must say. It didn’t really stick out to me before, but now it is screaming out.

    The Australian constitution gets fairly sloppy and inconsistant once it is mentioned in the same sentence as the aboriginals. And you don’t have to dig very deep to uncover those “inconsistancies” (to put it lightly).

    Does anyone else see this within the Australian Constitution???

  14. chotaboy66 Says:

    @thegamblergambler A referendum was held on 27.6.67, .90.77 % agreed to amended section 51 from the constitution and removed section 127 from the Constitution.
    51 removed ” other than the Aboriginal race in any State,” 127 was completely removed.
    In my own personal opinion the Aboriginals are native sovereign they were here first, Ask any aboriginal they have not chosen to be a part of the commonwealth ,no treaty , common law should prevail just like it should with all citizens of Australia.

  15. chotaboy66 Says:

    @thegamblergambler In actual fact if ones parents were born in a country that should make one indigenous, the question I put is how far do we have to go back , is there any stipulation ?.Having said that the Native Aboriginals are true sovereign,there indigenous blood lines go back the furthest in time in the planets history of any other race .So in other words they are the oldest race on the globe,so in my opinion they should hold sovereign title to the world if one looks at it in this respect.

  16. thegamblergambler Says:

    @chotaboy66 Hoo Ray Hoo Ray. Finally!!!! Exactly, the “Common Law” should prevail. You know your stuff chotaboy, please add me. I have never understood why the common Australian would look down upon the aboriginals as they would be better friends than those darn corporations. They are the true people of the land.

    The 67 referendum allowed Comm Gov to make laws for aboriginals. (correct me if wrong). Didnt Comm Gov use that to make the Native Title law,which effectively removed them from CL?

  17. thegamblergambler Says:

    @chotaboy66 Agreed. And, people have worked hard for their little bit of space. It is not your average Aussies fault for what has happened but surely one must agree the Government/s continue with a fraud that is absolute criminal against these people. Man, come on, you good folk need to speak out against that and put those corporate fools in their place. You would find that it would also be good for the rest of the nation, farmers, land holders etc to properly recognise this.

  18. chotaboy66 Says:

    @thegamblergambler Common law of Australia dose recognize native title after Marbo.See Native Title Act 1993 .Unfortunately by giving the aboriginal rights that has put them in white mans dilemma , common law is still there but the law professions etc seems to think and act Admiralty law is above common law .If one reads section 109 of our constitution this is quite debatable when we also look at state laws that are clearly inconsistent with Commonwealth law & common law.

  19. thegamblergambler Says:

    @chotaboy66 It’s a mess.I have heard that the legal society does not like looking back at the legal history of Australia because it is a “train wreck”.Especially regarding Sovereignty and the aboriginals.My opinion is that the Australian constitution is cleary discriminating against the aboriginals, this is why Australia will not impliment a human rights bill into law. (to get rid of discrimination).Because the Aboriginals rights are protected under the Common Law.And AL does not come before CL.

  20. thegamblergambler Says:

    The NT law is discriminatory,the UN has confirmed this.The forst nations should not have to prove who they are to the second/third etc peoples. It is up to others to disprove their claim.A hard ask given their history on that land.The government new that it was easier to keep their rights at bay the other way round because it placed them in the drivers seat.The only claim ever put forward by the Comm Gov is Terra Nullius which the HC found against.Nothing else was placed forward.Then NT appeared

  21. thegamblergambler Says:

    The aboriginals are the Sovereigns without question.It is looking very clear that Comm Govt is only claiming authority and jurisdiction via ignoring the truth of the aboriginals Sovereign rights and plain standover tactics.And this is only continueing because silly games are being played within courts due to discriminatory laws passed by parliaments like NT Act, and the lack of (legal) knowledge and resources of the Sovereign owners.And no support from the legal industry who clearly know this.

  22. thegamblergambler Says:

    Thanks for letting me post Chota I will leave it at that. I think you get the drift of where im coming from, or i’ll go on forever. I have been studying this issue for an assignment for a while now and it amazes me to no end, I can’t see this going away anytime soon especially when the aboriginals start understanding it on larger levels, I think the elite may be the only ones who may know this at the moment.I’ll check out some of your other vids they are very informative.

  23. chotaboy66 Says:

    @thegamblergambler Admiralty law is discriminatory in my opinion , the constitution is based on common law & the discrimination within it regarding aboriginals was cleared up in 67 .
    You are correct we have no bill of rights & the current law system is a train wreak past & present.
    There are hidden agendas at play that threaten our very freedom, but it will be aboriginal sovereignty that should save the day for all. discrimination needs to be accountable at the personal level ,we are all one.

  24. chotaboy66 Says:

    @thegamblergambler I agree the NT police have been know to push the boundary’s , but it all comes down to 2 types of law , Admiralty law, the law of the sea which has no place on land , and common law THE LAW OF THE LAND,, our courts , law , police and government have been hijacked by a group of banking elite that are fascist corporate pirates to but it bluntly.
    Beware of the UN they have been compromised at the very top by these very same pirates. .Follow the money !!

  25. chotaboy66 Says:

    @thegamblergambler Your welcome its a pleasure to have an intelligent conversation ,usually I just get willful ignorance and abuse . Please check out my channel any time ,I’m always updating the playlists and I use the comments as a blog,, theres many pages there , Knowledge is power whether you agree with it or not my friend.