Arkansas Debates Ban on Gay Adoption & Foster Parents, pt.1

An Arkansas Senate Public Health Committee debates banning gay, lesbian ,and unmarried couples from being foster parents or adopting. poor audio quality is from the actual room acoustics. The poor spelling is mine 🙂 (pt.1 of 19)

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25 Responses to “Arkansas Debates Ban on Gay Adoption & Foster Parents, pt.1”

  1. paysonbadboy Says:

    A single parent probably shouldn’t adopt either.

  2. paysonbadboy Says:

    That’s don’t offend me. Catholics are retarded and do all sorts of goofy shit that’s not in the Bible! Babtising Babies… Priests not having sex… Nuns.. and the worst of it, Praying to Mary! WTF? But anyway. My statement was PURE LOGIC! Change the entire planet into faggots. Humans go instinct. Change the entire planet into NORMAL people and things go on as they should. Silly faggots!

  3. paysonbadboy Says:

    Oh, and confessing to a priest. That’s some ignorant crap right there. The Catholic church actually distracts from what the Bible says. Adults are to be babtised because they know why they are doing it. Bible says to ask God for forgivness. Not some guy in a box. Praying to Mary? Wrong! And the worst thing is that Catholics have been full of filthy homosexual Priests for years! All of course MOLESTING YOUNG BOYS! Sick puppies there! Because their brain is corrupt and QUEER!

  4. rhiteeoe Says:

    Well, I am glad “thats don’t affend me.”

    LOGIC? Hardly … Homosexuals would still procreate if needed ( many still do today if they want children ), and it is regardless nowhere near a legitimate argument against them. Countless groups of people would fit into this catagory of yours.

  5. bEEarCUB Says:

    I am sure you have forgot by now, or realized the reason I put said text in quotes, but it was actually you that mentioned it in the first place.

    Just to be clear:
    -Illigal immigration does spread AIDS
    -The VAST majority of it is spread by drugs and male-female vaginal sex
    -It is not really much of a death sentance any more

  6. bEEarCUB Says:

    That pathetic attempt at an ‘argument’ is complete BS. Nice to see that your ‘logic’ matches your horrendous English and endless, obnoxious, pre-school-grade bitching.

    I am honestly a little amazed that you even figured out how to sign up for a YouTube account, not to mention upload videos….

  7. paysonbadboy Says:

    Whatever. If you prefer to stick your dick into a SEWER PIPE instead of where it was OBVIOUSLY designed to go… be a R-E-T-A-R-D! Because you will NEVER convince someone normal and logical like myself that there was another OPTION to the correct way!

  8. paysonbadboy Says:

    What I said was 100% accurate. Unlike your desperate attempts at GAY mind tricks. But sorry, they don’t work on us NORMAL humans! That’s right. ONLY heterosexuals are NORMAL! Gays should NEVER be allowed to adopt.

  9. bEEarCUB Says:

    Again, your ignorance shines through (do you base any of your thought on anything more than unfounded stereotypes?). Heterosexuals actually have anal sex far more often than homosexuals.

    On the simplest level your ‘logic’ perhaps makes sense, but it (and you) are just that … SIMPLE. Most ‘normal’ people (of which you surely are not) are actually capable of rational thought involving more than one variable.

  10. paysonbadboy Says:

    Homosexuality is not the correct “variable” in nature. Nore is gay people adopting kids. Nothing is more an abomination than homosexuality and homo’s seeking to raise someone else’s kids! If you can’t see that, then you are NOT normal.

  11. paysonbadboy Says:

    And while some hetero’s have anal sex, it none the less is not good practice. I love when Dr. Drew tells callers (usually heteros who are curious to try it with their female partner) that it WILL cause trauma to the person’s ass being penatrated! So what OPTION do queers have? It’s either suckin’ dick or taking the hershey highway! Only NORMAL people put their pricks into the sweet vaginal canal that was so obviously MADE for it! But anyone with COMMON SENSE would understand right vs. wrong!

  12. rhiteeoe Says:

    “A single parent probably shouldn’t adopt either.”

    I could probably agree with that, but it still shows where their mentality lies. It is not the children they care about, it just one more step in their objective of maximal legal and social hardship for their current scapegoat.

  13. JoeyBoya Says:

    That was sick, Some people are gross to think they can force their views down other peoples throats and make laws to restrict people based on their views??? If your a women black gay etc SPEAK UP SPEAK OUT AND DONT BE DENIED YOUR RIGHTS

  14. Serenityearth Says:

    Excellent point. I was placed in foster care with my sister at age 6. A heterosexual home. The couple was not loving at all. My brothers went to another home and ended up spending most of their lives in foster care. They hated it. I see nothing wrong with a loving gay couple taking care of foster children. I would have rather been placed in a loving gay home then that uncaring home I went too. Sad to see selfish people who try to prevent gay couples from caring for children that need good homes.

  15. thursdaysrecords Says:

    It is sad to see that many people still hate gays more than they love unwanted children. A loving, caring and nurturing home can be provided by any adults who possess those qualities of human kindness. Their sexul orientation has nothing to do with parenting skills.

    25% of all children in this ncountry are abused and/or neglected. The overwhelming majority of abused and neglected children see such abuse while in the care of their own, heterosexual parents.

    Shame on those who teach hate.

  16. thursdaysrecords Says:

    The anti-gay terror of recent years may be the single greatest factor to be credited for gay marriage coming sooner than expected.

    Equality is the right thing. You need no Bible to understand that. You do need one to desperately try to convince people that equality is wrong. The future belongs to those who live and let live.

    The Jesus Freak Era of hate and insanity is finally coming to an end. The GOP grabbed just enough rope for their own brainwashed bullshit policies to hang themselves!

  17. battlenaurto Says:

    How does anal sex affect how they bring up kids? It’s not like homosexuals will promote it to their kids or anything. Homosexuals are humans and have the maternal instinct JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. So stop hating them just because you refuse to REALLY educate yourself about homosexuality…. I could care less what life style someone chooses, as long as it doesnt affect me (and it doesnt).

  18. LiveToThink Says:

    This law that passed will do more for gaining gay rights than anything I’ve ever seen.

    I am not a homosexual but when I saw that this passed I was PISSED.

    The adoption process is already at least a 1.5 year process requiring AT LEAST 12 separate qualifications including income, household, and temperment.

    The fact that you can go through all those hoops and then have the law in your way is just UNAMERICAN.

    What about a couple I know consisting of a teacher and a daycare owner? BS

  19. thursdaysrecords Says:

    You belong to a society that has, in past days, burned little girls at the stake as witches for having the hiccups, denied women and persons of color the right to vote, and continue to talk up the sanctity of marriage as a right afforded to only heterosexual couples, of which about half FAIL. Society has prevailed over these setbacks, and will continue to do so. It’s only a matter of time before you and your breed of hate speaking idiots are put in your place AGAIN.

  20. philip0460 Says:

    Only Arkansas would put religion ahead of placing abused and unwanted children in loving homes. Shame on all of you!

  21. ShellySummers Says:

    God bless you and thank you for you support. I agree this is horrible. Way worse then prop 8!

  22. scourfish Says:

    Hold on a sec, people in Arkansas are literate enough do draft bills?

  23. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    This is just awful. Way worse than Prop 8, and Prop 8 got all the attention. What kind of country do we live in where you pass laws against other people’s families and try to ban them from having kids? People should think about the poor kids in foster care, and all the kids in orphanages in other countries and the kids who are born to lesbian couples who can’t have second-parent adoption. It’s just not fair. I have two gay dads and I don’t see why I should be treated like a second-class citizen.

  24. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    Payson, this is probably pointless, but gay adoption is already legal in most states. That’s why this case made news. I myself have two gay dads, and I was born in the 80s. I feel sad that your heart seems to be filled with so much hatred and prejudice towards people you’ve never even met. If you met my family, you’d see that we’re perfectly nice people. My brothers and I did not suffer from having gay parents. On the contrary, we were blessed to have had a loving home.

  25. formaltaliti Says:

    Its a shame my state desided to do this -.- damn ignorant people!