Arizona Failed to Protect Children from Criminals – CPS, Adoption, Childcare Background Checks

REPOST. June 2009. Arizona Failed To Expand Law To Protect Children from criminals receiving funding from state and federal funds including CPS, daycares, adoption, and chidlren’s shelters – Mandatory Reporters – and Risks Losing 0 Million Federal Funds. [ Why the stalling? To gain time to sweep things under the rug or get rid of them? ] Arizona risked losing 0 million in federal funds if it fails to expand a law to protect children before July 1. The proposed law would make it harder for any person with a criminal history to work with or adopt children in Arizona. It requires everyone from Child Protective Services workers to foster parents to child care personnel to obtain a Level 1 fingerprint clearance card, which can only be obtained by people with little or no felony criminal history. The proposed law would also add several crimes to the list of offenses that make a person ineligible to work with children. Those offenses include child neglect, domestic violence and terrorism. Child care advocates and providers support the changes in the fingerprint clearance law. “I think it’s absolutely necessary, and it’s just a very good thing for all of us who care for children,” Susan Ryan said. She is the executive director of Beatitudes AgeLink in Phoenix, a child development center that provides care for 175 children. Ryan said requirements to work at her center exceed state rules. “We, in addition, add a criminal background check and a drug screen for all of our

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