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    25 Responses to “ARGENTINA! INCEPTION!”

    1. willmemo Says:

      ahaha funny video, interesting point of view. btw, Argentina is next to my country !
      (check ur youtube inbox)

    2. nanciik Says:

      I saw Inception last night, loved it!

    3. lucia19949 Says:

      Okay, that thing about dreams its kind of crazy…but I LOVED IT!

    4. suerteeterna Says:

      @aimeeloav In Argentina is allowed in the whole country, but in México is allowed just in The D. F. (the capital). I know that the other states of México have to recognize those marriages as well. Thumbs up for both!

    5. shawnvsjohn2 Says:

      we are suppose to love one another and respect eatch other

    6. lostviewer Says:

      Ya know, this guy was cute and everything when I’d first seen him, but he’s just really another typical newly-out gay guy who always seems to have something to say, and now it’s just coming off as annoying. I’m unsubscribing. Hopefully someday I’ll come across a video that isn’t just for stereotypical young gay men. You really have nothing of interest or value to say, and it’s borderline pretentious. Just goes to show you… looks wear off lol

    7. justgilbert Says:

      @lostviewer haters are gonna hate….

    8. aimeeloav Says:

      @suerteeterna In Mexico is not allowed just in the capital, it is also allowed in some northern cities like Saltillo.

    9. leigh2490 Says:

      @lostviewer harsh. But I get your angle.

    10. orona2corona Says:

      One must learn to judge things via the perceived truths that one receives from others.
      For example. Sunny days make you feel good.
      Rainy days make you feel gloomy.
      If you are told this is so, then that is what you believe is so.
      But you can have fun on a rainy day as well.
      Your truth can be changed simply by the way you accept it. That’s how fragile the truth for a human is.
      A persons truth is so simple, that most ignore it to concentrate on what they thing are deeper truths.

    11. orona2corona Says:

      Because a persons truth or reality can be changed simply by the way we accept it.
      There are as many truths as there are people.
      But there’s only one truth, that is your truth. That’s the one that’s formed from whatever point of view that you choose to view it from. It’s a revised perception, that protects you.
      And one can have a perspective that’s far too small.
      However, a person can only see things from the perspective that they choose to see them from.

    12. orona2corona Says:

      we never allow the dreams to be the reality
      It would just be a projection of reality.
      And dream are extensions of reality.
      And reality is at the end of the dream.
      yes dreams are extensions of reality because we often dwell on them.
      when in reality dreams can be a reality if we allow ourselves to not just think, but act on them.
      Almost every dream is possible.
      we are in control.
      But what if someone tell you something different. That would change the out come of your reality.

    13. orona2corona Says:

      Reality exist in a place unknown. And dreams exist in reality.
      It means that dreams are reality.
      We allow drams to be reality.
      we are in control of them.
      Reality is non existent sometimes because we find ourselves caught up in dreams.

    14. MJTOOR Says:

      your old hair style was soo great : / …..

    15. BlackFeline99 Says:

      Question: Do you think Zac Efron is hot/attractive?

    16. miguelhp1 Says:

      Gay marriage is amazing, but Inception may be better xD

    17. asbjaved Says:

      Bloopers much!

    18. lostviewer Says:

      @leigh2490 Thank you. I probably shouldn’t have said he had nothing of value to say. That was just mean. But I really get sick of gay guys making videos and becoming popular just from looks alone. If this guy was unattractive, nobody would care about his Happy Paper, or care to watch him do his own version of Stewie’s Cool WHip. Cute people catch my eye, but the second they describe anything as “Soooo cooooool!” and pretend they’re so different from everyone else, that’s the second I get bored.

    19. FiveStarsPerShoulder Says:

      I couldn’t stop staring at your ear for some reason, I guess I wasn’t sure if it was pierced or what.

    20. thesamelove Says:

      @VargasGirl13 Nope, only Mexico City passed it. Here it’s nation-wide. Besides, many couples had got married before the law passed here in Argentina by Judges’ authorisation.

    21. thesamelove Says:

      Adoption by signle gay people was allowed even before this law passed. This law permits people to adopt as a couple.

      July 15th was a great day in my country, it was a day in which we became a more fair society. At present only Argentina and Canada have equal marriage nation wide in the Americas. It’s quite likely that Uruguay and Mexico will be passing similar laws in the near future.

    22. Leoh7 Says:

      @FiveStarsPerShoulder It is pierced, I think.
      Carl, you look great. I wonder what’s you’re secret.

    23. hawkeize Says:

      Dont cry for me Argentina

    24. paddymourinho Says:

      @lostviewer well said. and actually, he has nothing to say. hes just a pretty face. But we live in primative times my friend.

    25. AshtonMnothsA Says:

      haha I’d have YOU in my dream 🙂