Are You Having an Emotional Affair?

Most people think that only physical relationships constitute an affair. However, it’s possible to have an affair without any physical contact involved. You may even be in an emotional affair and not even realize it.

You may be wondering exactly what constitutes an emotional affair. If you have formed a strong emotional connection with someone other than your partner, then you may be involved in an emotional affair. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid having friends however.

Emotional affairs are very common in the workplace. Most people spend more time at work than at home, so emotional affairs can be quite common. Some people are having an emotional affair with their coworkers and don’t even realize it.

In today’s modern world, virtually everyone is online. Thanks to the internet, you can easily form a friendship with someone far away from you. Many people who form online friends eventually become involved in an emotional affair.

Social media websites are one of the main problems. You can easily get in contact with past lovers. These friendships can start out innocently enough. As the friendship grows, the chances of having an emotional affair increase dramatically.

You should be aware of certain signs that point to having an emotional affair. Most importantly, you’ll have a strong emotional bond with the person. You will share your feelings and problems with the person also.

Many people involved in an emotional affair will start confiding in their friend too much. Another sign is withdrawing from your partner. Your friend will be all that’s on your mind.

One of the biggest signs is that you’ll become less interested in sex with your partner. At this point, the emotional affair can easily turn physical.

It’s vital to act quickly if you sense that you’re involved in an emotional affair. You will definitely need to bring your relationship under control.

It’s important to realize that emotional affairs can be just as troubling as physical affairs. You need to avoid having either type of affair if you want your marriage to last.Doc No.sdlkh-sdAE

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