Anthony & Berryman’s Magistrates’ Court Guide 2010

BOOK REVIEW Anthony & Berrymans MAGISTATES COURT GUIDE 2010 Editor: FG Davies ISBN: 978-1-4057-4226-9 Butterworths LexisNexis THE MAGISTRATES COURT LAWCARDS FOR PROFESSIONALS An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE with Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers This is it the latest Mags Court Guide bang up to date. It is the essential reference in one volume for practice and procedure linked a lawcard style system which I rather like for ease of use, with a concise commentary I need without going to Stones for the heavy case detail which I would use if the matter was complex and hard. So, if youre a practitioner in the Magistrates Court, or you are associated professionally to the court in any way, youll need this new guide on your shelf. All recent case law and legislation relevant to the Magistrates Court is set out, including revised Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC) sentencing guidelines covering burglary, theft and breach of ASBOs which will be great assistance to duty solicitors and the defence. Also published are the new SGC guidelines for statutory offences of fraud published on 13 October 2009 so its as up to date as possible for 2010. There are comprehensive Tables of Cases, Statutes and Statutory Instruments and an extremely useful index at the back in a handy format similar to the cards the justices have o the Bench. And there are sections on bail and indexes for crime, road traffic, family proceedings and sentencing. Practitioners

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One Response to “Anthony & Berryman’s Magistrates’ Court Guide 2010”

  1. mhpreston Says:

    Nice review of a useful text. I’d just like to add that at around £77, it represents an affordable (and portable) option for court users compared to the £525 price of a publication like Stones. Thanks!