An Easy Way to Set Up a Family Budget Sheet

Financial issues are a common reason why people get divorced. He doesn’t like how much money she spends on household expenses, and she resents his expenditures on toys like golf carts and mammoth TVs. Maybe she’s a shopaholic and buys more than the family can possibly ever use, or he could hold a tight rein on the purse strings and not provide the things his family needs. There are a lot of reasons why couples fight over money, and the biggest of these is that there never seems to be enough. Not having enough money can be really stressful which is why is strains a marriage.

What these couples need to learn to do is to set up a budget sheet so that they can see where there money is going and how to live on the income they do have. You should start by finding a convenient place to put all of the paid bills and receipts. A photo storage box is excellent for this purpose. If you keep everything organized, then it will be much easier to file taxes at the end of the year. You may want to consider having three boxes of bills since the IRS recommends that you keep all paperwork for at least three years.

In these modern days, you should definitely turn to your computer for help. You could use a spreadsheet to help make your budget. Some of the various columns could include entertainment, credit cards, groceries, housing, miscellaneous, etc. The left side of the spreadsheet should consist of the months of the year. This spreadsheet will allow you to track your expenses throughout the year easily. At the end of every month you’ll be able to total the expenses under each tab in your file box and place the totals under the appropriate heading. You simply have to total the columns at the beginning of the year. Just think of how easy it’s going to be getting ready to file your taxes if you already have everything totaled up at the end of the year!

You could even choose to total each month separately. This will give you a good idea of what your monthly expenses are. If you find that the expenses of certain months seem inflated, you can examine them in more detail to determine why. Doc No.wslsdhgt-sdgewa

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