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Contested divorce is a conventional divorce method that is followed in several parts of the world. It is a method wherein either of the partner contests for divorce on grounds of adultery, desertion, unreasonable behaviour, five year separation, and two year separation.

For the contested divorce, one has to make an application of divorce in court of law. The application for divorce should give details regarding the grounds on which a person is contesting for divorce. Once the court has verified the application for divorce, they send the ‘Acknowledgement of Service’ form to the other partner.

Through this form, the court intimates him that his/her partner has filed for divorce. Only after he has completed and sent back the Acknowledgement form to the court, the court moves on to the next step of contested divorce.

The next step is Decree Nisi; an application that requests the Court to accept the divorce petition and start with the divorce proceedings. Hereafter, the contested divorce gets complicated. One has to file endless legal documents and submit the same in the court. He has to attend court hearings, answer questions put by the divorce solicitors, justify his points, defend his concerns, and fight till he/she get justice.


The contested divorce is finally bought to an end when the court issues Decree Absolute. It is the legal document that dissolves a marriage and resolves all marital disputes between couples.

Thus, the contested divorce is a lengthy and complicated way of getting divorced. One has to indulge in legal hassles and go through the humiliation of discussing one’s personal issues in public. The contested divorce leaves a person emotionally and mentally exhausted. And things get all the more worse, if one has children. They become witness to the ugly and harsh reality-the divorce of their parents.

Yet another drawback of the contested divorce is that is expensive in nature. One has to shell out a huge amount of money for court proceedings and litigation fees. This further affects the life of the person contesting for divorce.

However, contested divorce is not the only way of ending your broken marriage. There is a peaceful and respectable way of resolving marital disputes. It is called uncontested divorce.

In uncontested divorce, the couple mutually agrees to the terms and conditions of divorce. They do not take their matter to court. In fact, they take help of a divorce specialist who acts as a mediator to resolve issues related to distribution of marital property, deciding upon child custody, child support, and alike.

The divorce solicitor takes decisions in the interest of both the parties. Uncontested divorce gets completed in just two or three sessions. The couple is able to part ways without indulging in accusations, false charges, or tricks.

Also, uncontested divorce is a cheap alternative to expensive contested divorce.

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