Adoption Scheme Involving Children from Samoa

A report by Jim Avila of ABC News that was featured on Good Morning America and Nightline news of an adoption scheme/fraud that involved Samoan children from Samoa. Watch the video. This video is property of ABC News and I take no credit for it. Im just a messenger.

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21 Responses to “Adoption Scheme Involving Children from Samoa”

  1. Jodatoa Says:

    This is sad man…

  2. BTNHangel Says:


  3. iLoveMyBrownSkin Says:

    this is sick!!

  4. Toniciprani12GOOK Says:

    Fuck mormons!!

  5. kiodotcom Says:

    whats this got to do with mormons u dick

  6. BTNHangel Says:

    aaargh open ur eyes & ears – DICK!

  7. kiodotcom Says:

    just cause its in utah fuck head doesnt mean its mormons you brainless fuck

  8. BTNHangel Says:

    LOL sorry to offend u! are u mormon?! –

  9. kiodotcom Says:

    is it any of your business i just asked a simple question that you couldnt answer where the hell doest it say mormons where involved

  10. BTNHangel Says:

    just get over it –

  11. kiodotcom Says:

    just admit you are stupid and opened your up about something you have no idea about next time dont jump to extremes when you didnt aaarhg open ur eyes and ears – DICK!

  12. ableza1 Says:

    This is sad.

  13. jrtupuola Says:

    wow, at least the kids are getting a good education…..samoan should’nt worry they are in good hands…….and last thing is that I HATE MORMONS………FUCK JOSEPH SMITH…….

  14. precious81398 Says:

    well yeah SAMOA is a great place no kids are ever in their lives homeless we samoans help eachothah out soo the ufa dumbass people ova der sux and really need to teo da ufa truth

  15. MCLSHB Says:

    @precious81398 auuuuu.. thats bullshit! so why do parents let there own children to there dirty work by leaving to sell stuff on the streets! that doesnt sound like healping each other out! e pau a le life o le samoa! e le su ia latou mafaufau! its all about the TUPE! and thats a fact!

  16. lglov Says:

    Those Adopters don’t care about anyone but themselves.

    They could care less they buy children that were kidnapped.

    They know it is common w/in INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION but turn a blind eye because they want to placate their WANTS.

    What kind a person would HOPE to keep a Kidnapped child from their REAL FAMILY!

  17. KoloMai21 Says:

    This is wrong. But it will be great if these two families find a way to stay together for this kid. These kind of things shouldn’t be happening.

  18. wdeadman49 Says:

    This isn’t good! These Adoption agencies here in the States are nothing but frauds. They should be brought to justice for tearing these families apart! These are human emotions they are dealing with, not some animals!

  19. yurleen Says:

    @jrtupuola u can’t talk about someone u don’t even know n never even met.u are such stupid dumdass!!!!.

  20. epajrgolf Says:

    why would you haamoa parents give your kids away in the first place to some stranger?

  21. jrtupuola Says:

    @yurleen Go F_Ck yourself……