A Quality Accident Solicitor Is On Your Side

When you have an accident, where do you turn for help? Who plays
the most important role in helping you recover from your
accident? Most people would answer ‘hospital’ or ‘doctor’. Few
think about the important role played by an accident
solicitor. Yet the accident claim solicitor can make the
difference between a successful claim that results in the
compensation you need, or one that falls between the cracks.

Think about it. You’ve suffered an accidental injury. You want
to recover physically. You also need to recover financially. You
will have to rebuild your life after the accident and get back
to normal. If you take your accident claim for granted, if you
don’t think carefully about your choice of an accident
compensation solicitor, getting back to normal might be more
difficult than you imagine. Your Feelings

When you suffer an injury, it affects your ability to work and
your way of life. Even a minor accident or injury can have an
impact more than you might think. After the accident, you seek
the help of an accident claim solicitor and you assume
everything will be fine. You’ll be compensated fairly. The
compensation won’t make up for the trauma you suffered in the
accident, but at least you’ll receive the accident compensation
you deserve.

What happens if you don’t get the compensation you deserve and
need? What happens when your accident claim falls through the
roof, or when you lose most of your compensation to hidden fees
you weren’t expecting?

Everything depends on the accident claim solicitor you select.
Mutual Feelings

After an accident, the last thing you probably want to think
about is going through a lot of effort to select the right
solicitor. Most likely you’ve never been through the accident
claim process before; it’s not something you’ve ever had to
think about or deal with. So you just go through the motions,
thinking all you need is a solicitor to help you process your
claim. You don’t think about the qualifications that a solicitor
should have. After all, a compensation claim is straightforward
and should take care of itself. You will receive your
compensation. The solicitor is just there to push papers for you.


Too often, accident victims don’t receive the compensation they
should. Their claim is not handled competently and suddenly they
are left without compensation, without a job, without the
promising future they worked so hard to achieve before the
accident. All because they selected the wrong solicitor; because
they thought it didn’t matter which one they choose – they
thought they’re all alike. Selection Process

Selecting an accident compensation solicitor is one of
the most important decisions you will make following an
accident. It’s not just a matter of filing an accident claim.
You need one who knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Too
many solicitors don’t know how to get the job done properly. As
a result, a claim that should be handled easily can be
completely run off track.

Many will see you, the accident victim, as a source of money.
They might be competent in handling your accident claim and
winning compensation for you. But then they take a huge bite out
of your compensation by way of hidden fees they never discussed
with you up front. Because you already signed the papers –
completely unaware of what you were signing – you’re stuck with
this situation. So much for your accident compensation.
Consider Your Choice

You should put as much care into selecting your solicitor as you
do with the most major decisions in your life. Your solicitor
holds the key to your future. It means the difference between
getting your life back on track, or losing everything you’ve
worked so hard to achieve – all because of an accident, and
because you weren’t careful in choosing the right solicitor to
handle your accident claim.

It’s easy to see why you wouldn’t think carefully about your
choice. After all, it’s not your fault you were in an accident,
and the last thing you need is another headache. You just want
to process your claim and put everything behind you. You don’t
feel like taking the time to carefully screen a solicitor. You
just want to move ahead and get your compensation.

But if you don’t use care in choosing the solicitor who will
handle your case, you will be facing even bigger headaches for
the rest of your life. Background Search

When you choose an accident solicitor to handle your case…

• Check their professional history • Have their cases been
successful? • Is their track record proven? • Does their
professional history demonstrate tenacity, a determination to
pursue each claim to a successful conclusion? • Does the track
record demonstrate that the solicitor knows how to judge the
validity of an accident claim?


Next, interview the accident solicitor. Ask questions. You are
hiring them to do a job for you. You are the boss!
This is your future at stake – your injury compensation, your
recovery. Just as you would only want the most competent and
enthusiastic person working for you to build your business, you
want the same with something even more important – rebuilding
your life after the accident.

You want to hire a specialist who will be diligent with their
work; one who knows which steps to take to handle your case
expertly and win you the compensation you are entitled to; one
who offers a personalised service, who will take your claim as
seriously as they would take their own. A solicitor who already
has a game plan and ready to begin actively seeking a settlement
on your behalf.

Pay attention to the way your case is being discussed with you.

• Does the solicitor ask questions that lead you to believe they
know the best steps to take? • Are they straightforward about
the game plan? • Is the solicitor forthcoming with detailed
information and answers to your questions? • Does the solicitor
communicate easily with you? • Do you feel confident he/she will
keep you in the loop at each stage of the claim process?

Keep Asking

Finally, ask them about fees. Be sure they give you
straightforward answers to your questions and doesn’t seem to be
hiding information or using language you don’t understand. You
do not want an compensation solicitor who takes a huge chunk out
of your compensation to cover hidden fees. Your life was set off
track by your accident – not the solicitor’s. You are the only
one entitled to receive the settlement cheque. Don’t let this
terrible event make them wealthy, and don’t choose one you
suspect is trying to deceive you about the costs of handling
your claim.

While it seems the incompetent accident solicitors outnumber the
competent ones, you can still find the best solicitor to handle
your case. But you won’t find the best solicitor if you don’t
look, ask and if you don’t take care in selecting them.

Choose them with the same diligence you’d use in selecting a
spouse. After all, your future security and prosperity depends
directly on the solicitor who will see your compensation claim
through to a successful conclusion and win you the compensation
to rebuild your life

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