7 Common Reasons Why Marriages Fall Apart

It can be quite interesting to hear different people’s opinions about the reason why so many couples are getting divorced nowadays Due in large part to the 1970s no-fault divorce laws, the number of people who have chosen to get a divorce has skyrocketed. In the early days of the laws most people continued to go by the Biblical standards for divorce which were abandonment and infidelity. In recent years, however, the reasons aren’t so clear-cut. If you asked these couples, here are the most common reasons given for wanting to dissolve their unions:

1. One of the main reasons for divorce is still infidelity. Whether this is because more people are cheating these days or because women no longer put up with this behavior in their men, the fact remains that few people want to contend with an unfaithful spouse.

2. A breakdown of communication can destroy a marriage in short order. The only way to know what is going on in your spouse’s life is to communicate with them on a daily basis.

3. Physically-abusive behavior is another oft-cited reason for divorce. If you are in an abusive relationship, then it is not a good idea to stick around. You won’t be able to change the course of your marriage if your partner doesn’t vow to change his abusive ways.

4. Thanks to the fact that the country is in bad recession, more and more couples are starting to face financial problems. Couples that are facing severe financial problems will definitely need a strong bond to keep their marriage intact.

5. In many cases, emotional abuse can be just as bad as physical abuse. Often times, people are the victim of emotional abuse without even being aware of it and it will make them feel like they are completely worthless.

6. Couples can also end up getting divorced if one spouse is addicted to some sort of substance. Besides the financial drain that these behaviors can put on the family’s income, abusive behavior often stems from being high on alcohol or drugs.

7. If your partner doesn’t exactly live up to your expectations that you have placed on him or her, then it may be a reason to get divorced. In the beginning of their relationship, people place lofty expectations on their significant others. Disappointment as these initial feelings can cause a couple of split up.

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