4 Ways In Which A Divorce Can Take Place

These are the four kinds of divorce you need to know: uncontested, no-fault, simplified, and limited.

Millions of couples and families all over the world are affected by divorce. The probability of divorce goes up, not down, as time passes particularly in the U.S. With an estimated 2/3 of remarriages ending in divorce, the divorce rates in remarriages in the United States are still substantial. Couples who are considering divorce should consult a Divorce Attorney Farmington Hills to be aware of the resolutions that should be made and the possible effects involved. Couples should be aware of the varying types of divorce available.

Uncontested divorce

Uncontested divorce is a less adversarial approach to divorce. Uncontested divorce happens when a mutual agreement is reached by both people about the divorce itself, and other important topics related to the marriage, such as child custody, division of property, and financial concerns. Uncontested divorce involves very little argument and minimizes the stress on all parties involved. However, it may result in the discontinuation of certain rights like alimony, pension benefits, real estate income and other financial sources. Due to this, even a couple who is getting along well should consult a lawyer.

No-fault divorce

In 1970 in the state of California, the no-fault divorce laws were passed first. In the olden days, to get divorced, there had to be a proven fault like adultery or desertion on either the man’s or the woman’s side. These faults are then used as reasons or verification for getting a divorce. As the name implies, no-fault divorce is a type of divorce where neither one of the partners committed a fault that could become a basis for the divorce. Irreconcilable differences and incompatibility are justifiable reasons that can be stated when a couple decides to legally dissolve their marriage.

Simplified divorce

A hybrid between a no-fault divorce and an uncontested divorce is a simplified divorce. Both partners are not in conflict with each other, like in an uncontested divorce. Marriages that lasted for only a short time and marriages that have no children and marital properties involved, are what this type of divorce is applicable to. Available in less than a month, it is the fastest and cheapest divorce option.

Limited divorce

One way of describing limited divorce is calling it quits legally. A divorce of this type allows both parties to settle matters including finances, child custody and visitation and many others. During the duration of the limited divorce as in legal separation, both spouses has to live in separate homes and are not allowed to have sexual relations with one another or with a third person.

The legal dissolution of a marriage is a very important decision which demands intensive scrutiny and thought. Both parties have to ponder the implications of their choice and focus on the consequences it might lead to.

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