3 Steps for Choosing a Family Law Attorney

Choosing an attorney to represent you in a child custody dispute can be overwhelming. A simple internet search can produce hundreds of hits. But, not all attorneys are created equal. In a case where your relationship with your child is in jeopardy, you must give this decision a great deal of thought and consideration.


Make the decision to hire an attorney

First, you must commit to hiring an attorney to assist you in your family law or child custody matter. Many people believe that they do not need an attorney to represent them in court. This is true; you do not need to hire an attorney and are free to represent yourself in all legal matters. However, proceeding on your own, or pro se, can be a very difficult undertaking. Lawyers are familiar with court rules and procedures, and good attorneys will know how to utilize those rules in your favor. Do you have lots of evidence that you are an excellent parent and you want a judge to review this evidence? Well, if you fail to present it to the judge in the appropriate manner, a judge may never see this evidence. At the very least, it is important to know your rights as a parent. You should consult with an attorney at some point during your legal proceeding, even if you are unable to retain an attorney to represent you for the entirety of your matter.

Go with a Family Law Specialist

Family Law is a very specialized field. Even within family law, there are further specializations. Imagine going to your family doctor for a serious neurological problem. If that doctor doesn’t refer you to a neurologist, then he has failed to fully care for you and your needs. Likewise, if you contact a lawyer with a general practice who doesn’t refer you to a family law attorney, he or she is not fully serving you. Each area of law has its own set of rules and hundreds of applicable statutes. For your child custody matter, you want an attorney who has committed themselves to the exclusive practice of family law.  This attorney will likely be up to date on the newest developments in family law, the latest changes to family law statutes, and best equipped to handle your matter. He or she may be familiar with the various family court judges in your area, as well as other local attorneys. All of this knowledge will benefit you.

Are you a match?

Personality and philosophy; are you and your attorney a match? If you are not already familiar with a family law attorney, you need to shop around. Not just for an attorney you can afford, but also for an attorney who understands your goals and the manner in which you would like to achieve your goals. Do you want a pit bull attorney? Do you have unlimited resources and want to overturn every rock, exploring every possibility? If so, there are a number of attorneys who would fit this profile. Are you sick of fighting, ready to move on, and hopeful to reach agreements with your child’s other parent? If so, there are also a number of attorneys who fit this profile. Meet with your potential attorney, talk with them, see if they have any references who wouldn’t mind talking with you about their experiences. Hiring an attorney can be a major financial commitment. Make sure you have hired someone who shares your values, and clearly understands the outcome you are seeking.

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Family law is not merely a means to an end for me; it is my passion. Sometimes, relationships simply fall apart, and communication between parties can become nearly impossible. In many family law cases, otherwise decent people can lose sight of what really matters, and say and do things that under different circumstances, they would never even consider.  I believe that when cooler heads prevail, real progress can be made, and real results can be achieved.  I will keep you focused on what is truly important, and help you attain it. As an attorney, I am professional, discreet, and singularly focused. I will listen to you without interrupting, and offer you realistic options and sound advice. I’ll be honest and direct, sometimes forcing you to examine your truest motives, as I assist you in resolving your legal issues. As my client, you can depend on my family law expertise, as well as my genuine concern for your well-being; I truly want what is best for my clients and their families. Reaching a swift and fair resolution for you, even if it means that I stand to gain less, is always my goal. You deserve an opportunity to move on with your life. Your family deserves a chance to thrive, even under changed circumstances. I will work tirelessly to get you what you deserve.http://www.rahamanlawfirm.com/#!attorney
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