10 situations when you might need a family law solicitor

When a relationship breaks down, it can be painful for not just both parties but also the rest of the family. If you’re not able to sort things out amicably, it may be worth speaking with a family law solicitor to help.

Here are 10 situations where a family law solicitor could be of great help to you.

1) If a marriage has ended and the reasons for its breakdown cannot be resolved, a divorce may be the chosen course of action. When that happens, it’s important to get right legal advice, so you know what needs to be done to make the process as smooth and as painless as possible.

2) If you live with a partner, but aren’t married, and that relationship comes to an end, it’s important to know what rights you have – especially if you have children together – so legal advice could be very useful.

3) If you are coming out of a relationship where you and your ex-partner had children together, then it may be that your children will no longer be living with you. If this happens, you may want a solicitor to help you to arrange when you can see them – or vice versa, if you’re the parent who has the children full-time.

4) In addition to parental rights, you may be interested to know that grandparents also have rights with regards to their grandchildren. If you’re a grandparent who has been told you can’t see your children’s children, then speak to a family law solicitor for advice.

5) If, following a divorce or relationship split, you have shared property or possessions that need to be sold, then you may need help with many of the legal aspects of the sale and dealing with the money they generate.

6) Legal support could help if you need help and advice with regards to your finances. It could be that your situation has changed significantly as a result of the divorce.

7) A family law solicitor can be extremely helpful for couples planning a civil partnership or even if one comes to an end. They can provide advice on what your rights are going into the partnership.

8) ‘Pre-nups’ may be more associated with American marriages, but they still have a place in relationships where a couple decide assets should be protected. Although not enforceable by law, it can help demonstrate the initial intentions of the two parties prior to the marriage should it then break down at a later stage. A solicitor can help you draw up the pre-nupitial agreement and ensure it’s done professionally.

9) If you’re not married and want to move into a new home with your partner – or move into your new partner’s current home – a legal expert could help inform you of cohabitation laws and how it might effect paying the mortgage.

10) If you are the victim of domestic violence, then you need to escape your current situation as soon as possible. A family law solicitor can help with advice, securing new accommodation and, through untraceable phone lines and other methods, they can also help keep you hidden from them and safe.

If you’re involved in any of these situations, then it could be time to find a family law solicitor to help you with your situation.

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