10 Possible Scenarios For Contacting A Family Solicitor

Are you in a situation that you think could benefit from a family law solicitor? Check out these 10 possible scenarios for seeking legal advice and support.

1. Sadly, divorce is something many couples face and it has the potential to be a very confusing and stressful time. Whether you’ve made the decision together, by yourself or it’s your partner that has started divorce proceedings, then a legal expert could help ensure you’re best interests are looked after.

2. If a relationship has come to an end and there are children are involved, custody may be a tricky stumbling block to the proceedings. Knowing what your rights are and those of your former partner is important.

3. Property and possessions are also important things that will need to be discussed in the event of spouses going their separate ways. A family law solicitor can help ensure whether things are divided or sold, that your rights are upheld.

4. For those people who split up who live together but are not married, there may still be a number of issues to discuss. Whether it’s property, possessions or children, both parties still have rights and a solicitor may be needed.

5. Many grandparents find themselves in situations where they are being stopped from seeing their children’s children. While their rights are different to those of a parent, they do still have some rights and should speak to an expert to find out what they can do.

6. If you are entering into or bringing an end to a civil partnership, there are a number of rights that you need to ensure are upheld.

7. When couples split up, there are often some individuals who see their lifestyle change drastically. Whether you’re in that situation or you’re the partner who financially supported the other partner, there may be a number of rights or requirements you need to find out about.

8. Many of these issues already discussed are potentially avoidable with a pre-marital agreement. A family law solicitor can help draw one up, so you and your partner can outline what you would both want to happen in the event of a break-up.

9. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, it may be helpful to know that a solicitor could help you escape your current situation and build a new life elsewhere. They can help you sort out new accommodation, an untraceable telephone number and much more to help you start afresh.

10. If you need to know more about cohabitation laws because you want to move in with your partner, a solicitor can help you sort everything out. This is particularly helpful if one of the two of you already owns the property you intend to live in.

With any of these situations, it could be worth speaking to a family law solicitor and making sure your rights and best interests are protected.

Many legal firms, even those that have other areas of expertise like residential conveyancing, will have family law specialists that can help you.


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